The Alexa archives – and how to get the looks

25 Jul

I spent a lunchtime this week very productively clicking through’s gallery of Alexa Chung’s style evolution (click here to see it for yourself). Despite a slightly dodgy start (but then who actually did dress well in 2006?), most of her style choices over the past few years have been bloomin’ amazing, and I find myself wanting to recreate outfits she wore five years ago. And I wouldn’t say that about many celebs.

What’s even better is that she is totally copy-able. Nothing she wears is so out there that you can’t find a version of it. And, to my joy, it seems it’s not all miniskirts – so those of us who prefer to cover a little more leg than Alexa usually does can adopt some of her longer looks. Here are a few of her outfits that I love, and ways to recreate them now, from the high street.

Without doubt, my favourite ever Alexa look is this Bella Freud jumper with grey miniskirt and strappy heels.

alexa-chung-s-style-2014 (1)

The jumper is past season (and wouldn’t have given you much change from £300) But recreate the look with…


Top, £65, The Outnet

Or this one…


£30, House of Fraser


Skirt, £8, Asos


Sandals, £75, Office

Next up is this beautiful pink dress…


A great look for summer weddings. It’s difficult to get something that looks this quality on a high-street budget, but there are some lovely pink dresses out there…

download (1)

£52, Closet

image1xxl (1)

£25, Asos

My third Alex pick is this gorgeous dark denim dungarees and Victoriana blouse look. These is pretty recent, so there are lots of pieces like this on the high street to copy the look. (And the AG Jeans dungarees Alexa is wearing are still available in some sizes if you’re feeling flush)

alexa-chung-s-style-2015 (1)

My favourite high-street dungarees are these from Whistles…


£120, Whistles

Pair them with this blouse from Oasis for a totally Alexa look…


£32, Oasis

Fourth on my list is a great casual look we can all copy. It’s all about quality and fit here – great silk blouse, perfectly fitting white jeans and a go-with-anything pair of monochrome flats.

alexa-chung-s-style-2015 (2)

My picks are…


This 100% silk blouse from Zara is just £19.99 in the sale

Leaving plenty in the budget to buy a quality pair of jeans. For me, you can’t beat MiH’s Phoebe cropped style. They’re so soft and comfortable – and just the right length to match Alexa’s. Jeans are always worth the investment…


£165, MiH Jeans

image1xxl (2)

£55, Carvela

And finally, this great monochrome look. Every wardrobe needs a leather pencil skirt (or a faux one!)…

alexa-chung-s-style-2015 (4)


£35, River Island


£19.99, New Look

This top is actually a jumper dress. But if you tuck it into your skirt like Alexa has, no one will ever know!


£15, Asos

So go on, grab some Alex style for yourself!

Bethan x

25 per cent off at Office

21 Jul

There’s a 25% off voucher for Office in this month’s Glamour magazine, woohoo! It’s only valid on new-season shoes, not the sale, which makes this the perfect opportunity to check out the latest styles. On my shortlist are…


Lex, down to £51


Reset, down to £46.50


Imagery, down to £58.50


Kilter, £41.25


Cecilia, down to £42

What do you reckon?

Bethan x

The best of the new season now

18 Jul

Every fashion fan out there knows how crazy it is that autumn/winter clothes are dropping in the shops right now, when it’s the middle of summer and we’ll (hopefully!) still have a couple of months of summer dresses and sandals.

But it’s also a time to get excited about new stuff. The sales are coming to an end and, I don’t know about you, but I’m bored of seeing the same old stuff (though always happy when the prices drop even more!). So I thought I’d give a little rundown of some of the best new-season stock in five of my favourite shops… Zara, Topshop, H&M, Asos and & Other Stories.

Lots of this stuff is under £50 – bonus!

I’m seeing a lot of neutrals, which will make a great base, livened up with some hippy prints, stripes in all forms, and tactile textures like velvet, suede and silk. So check out my highlights the new collections…


3198246800_2_1_1 4886243800_1_1_1 5300001010_2_1_1 5899159427_2_7_1 7901081064_2_1_1 7995101524_2_1_1

I’ve already bought the black and white stripy top – I love the puffy sleeves! And I’ll be needing that grey ribbed jumper.


10G07IEBL_2_large 25V01IIVR_3_large 32M40ITPE_3_large BUNDLE_23B04IPNK23B03IPNK_large

That jumper, an ss15 denim skirt, and those boots = dream transitional outfit.


hmprod (1) hmprod (2) hmprod (3) hmprod (4) hmprod

Very chic season from H&M. Affordable silk, classy outerwear, and silver pumps that look just like Miu Miu!


image1xxl (1) image1xxl (2) image1xxl (3) image1xxl (4) image1xxl

I just want to cuddle up in that jumper dress. Perfect with the Topshop boots above.

& Other Stories

0223324020_1_400000 0243367010_1_400000 0296237001_1_400000 0311928001_1_400000

Statement trousers alert!

What are your new-season picks?

Bethan x

Amazing Clarks sale shoes

15 Jul

I’ve been a fan of Clarks shoes for a while now. They’re unbeatable for comfort, and they’ve really upped their game in producing cool, trend-driven shoes, meaning they’re no longer just the sensible option.

Clarks’ prices are usually pretty reasonable anyway, but when the sale is on, there’s a chance to snap up some serious bargains, including reduced prices on the latest gorgeous Orla Kiely collection.

I popped into my local Clarks store earlier in the week and found myself wanting to buy all of the following pairs…


£80, reduced from £120


£60, reduced from £120


£40, reduced from £80


£40, reduced from £80

I also caught sight of a few new-season numbers, and I’m currently coveting these two. Take a look…


Junelle Polly, £60


Glove Candy, £45

Which should I choose?

Bethan x

Summer dresses: pretty vs tomboyish

11 Jul

There really is no easier summer outfit than a dress. Throw one on with a great pair of sandals, ballet flats or trainers and you’re good to go in moments. And on hot, humid days like today, they’re much breezier than separates.

I find my dress wishlist flits daily between two camps. One day, I think I’m all about pretty, flowery, floaty styles, the epitome of the girlie dress. The next, I want something simpler and cooler, like a T-shirt dress worn with trainers. So I’ve decided to put together a little compilation of the best of both styles, which have been catching my eye. It’s an added bonus that lots of them are in the sales!

Pretty dresses…


£28, Yumi at Asos


£69, Reiss


£39, French Connection


£69, & Other Stories


£35, Finery London


£32, Oasis

And the tomboy dresses…


£42.50, Etre Cecile at The Outnet


£20, Topshop


£22, & Other Stories


£22, Finery London


£29.99, H&M

Which camp are you in?

Bethan x

M&S Limited London collection

27 Jun

Have you spotted the new Limited London collection at good old high-street faithful M&S? It’s part of the Limited Edition range, which I’ve been a fan of for a while, because it’s a slightly more youthful, fashion forward selection.

Limited London is made from recycled fabrics and inspired by the fashionable folk of London. And it’s definitely caught my eye. Take a look…

RC_01_T69_1940J_ZZ_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_2390J_ZZ_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_3063J_T4_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_8652J_ZZ_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_9515J_PD_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_9806I_Y8_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_9811I_A4_X_EC_90

Nice, huh? And there’s a special offer on at the moment, so pieces start at £7.60, and there’s nothing more expensive than £55.20. Good old M&S!

Bethan x

The sales are everywhere!

20 Jun

It’s that time again: the high street’s gone sales mad. I can’t walk down a single street near my office without being confronted by those temptingly massive SALE signs. So it’s been pretty hard to resist temptation. And, of course, I haven’t!

There was lots of excitement, as always, surrounding the Zara sale, which kicked off on Thursday. I went along and tried a few things on, but I don’t think the Zara sale really gives you massive bargains. They tend to start off only reducing items by about £10. However I’ve got my eye on a couple of things that I’m hoping might be reduced further…

sales 2015

Now £29.99, Zara


£29.99, Zara


£29.99, Zara

Another favourite sale of mine is Whistles, mostly because I can’t justify paying full price for that stuff! Here’s what I’ve been eyeing up…


£55, Whistles


£65, Whistles


Cashmere! £65, Whistles


£80, Whistles


£70, Whistles

The same goes for Reiss – usually too expensive, so it’s all go when the sale comes! I’m coveting this dress…


£95, Reiss

And I always love a new shoe or two from Clarks…


£35, Clarks

But what I’m really waiting for is the Orla Kiely collection to be in the sale. I love these, but they’re still full price…


Clarks, £110

And as for what I did buy? Well, I’ve had another naughty little designer shoe splurge. Meet my new Marni sandals…


Half price, still credit-card-only expensive! But I own something from Marni! And they’re beautiful.

The sales are one of those times when some of the designer things you could normally only dream of seem to be within reach. There’ll be no more big purchases from me for a while now, but if I could go made in the sales, I’d get these…


£181, Equipment


£262.50, Miu Miu


£189, Bella Freud

That’s quite a wishlist! What’s on yours?

Bethan x


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