Move over ebay…it’s asos marketplace

8 Apr

Ladies I have a new bookmark saved to my PC – asos marketplace.

Being a girl on a budget I am not averse to wearing second hand clothes (any Balham-ites out there, the Trinity Hospice charity is absolutely amazing) so you can find lots of previously-loved pieces on here and often get a brand that you couldn’t usually afford. There is also an assortment of vintage clothes as well as independent boutiques selling their creations.

What I love most about this site compared to ebay, is that sellers have to post a picture of someone wearing the item of clothing so you know how it looks before spending your cash. V.important when it comes to online shopping that you know in advance whether it will look like a sack of potatoes!

What’s more there is currently a 50% of sale. So before you dash off to get yourself some new togs here is my pick of star buys for this spring:


This blouse is only £5.25 and looks like the ones I have been eyeing up Zara. Plus it’s a 90s number so very on-trend.


I love this stripy 70s pleated skirt, it’s a perfect statement item for summer and only £15.


Bomber jackets are everywhere and this adidas number will make you the coolest kid in the class. This jacket will be perfect for spring days and covering up on a summer’s evening – just £35.

Happy shopping!

Love Kate x


One Response to “Move over ebay…it’s asos marketplace”

  1. MasonBentleymasonbentley April 9, 2013 at 8:18 am #

    whoo hoo! Fellow Balham-ite here! And can confirm – Trinity Hospice is the best! You did well with your above the stripey skirt xxxx

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