Ooh… I want one!

18 Apr

Being the loyal Primark (and H&M, New Look, Uniqlo…) fan that I am, White Stuff isn’t normally a shop you’d find me browsing in. In fact, you’d probably find my mum browsing in there instead. She loves the place! But thanks to this week’s Grazia, I’ve fallen in love with this little beauty, from none other than White Stuff



Big necklace – check, flowers – check, monochrome – check. It’s got this season’s accessory trends nailed. It’s £35, so a tad pricier than my usual Accessorize purchases, but I think this little baby would go with just about anything. Grazia recommends wearing it with a white shirt, and I’m not one to disagree, so how about either of these classics from H&M?


hmprodhmprod (1)



So the moral of today’s fashion story is… step outside your shopping comfort zone once in a while. You never know what treasures you might find (and if you shop in mum shops, you’ll never have all the same stuff as your friends!)





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