Get the blues

27 Apr

Following the slightly garish trend for colour clashing (Cheryl Cole in those orange trousers and purple top – no thanks!) now comes a much more chic way to wear colour – the same one from top to toe. As well as making you look instantly taller and slimmer, it’s also great for those days when you can’t seem to find a top and skirt that match to save your life. They’re the same colour, so it’s a no brainer!

Once again, I find myself being influenced by Grazia, which this week says blue is the colour the fashionistas are all going crazy for. So I headed straight for Asos to see what’s on offer. I always find myself heading for Asos when I’ve got something specific like this in mind. There’s just so much stuff, and it’s so user friendly. And I am love, love, loving these little cobalt blue, beautiful outfits I’ve uncovered…



Starting at the top, I think it’s best to keep the silhouette simple and let the colour do the talking. These are £22 each and the exact type of laidback chic I think this look requires. You can pair one with…



These cute skinnies for £25. Or, if you’re feeling brave…


These culottes for £38 – bang on trend – but make sure you wear heels, otherwise I think they may not be the most flattering!

However, I’ll be doing my cobalt look with this AMAZING skirt – I an’t believe how much I love it…



And just £35. Or, if you prefer your skirts shorter, how about this…



For just £25.

And for those of you feeling extra brave, how about mixing up your blue patterns? You can wear any prints together, as long as they share a colour pallette. So how about this little combo – they share a white background, so I think they’d work perfectly together…



£32 for the top and £40 for the trousers.

Picked your outfit? Now all you need is to add some shoes…



£40                                                                                £45


I’ve never been so happy to get the blues!

Bethan x



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