And we all love an over-sized clutch

29 Apr

Accessories can maketh the outfit and an over-sized clutch bag can take a simple outfit such as skinny jeans and a white tee into the style stakes.

I personally love them as you can wear a big clutch during the day as a chic work bag, and then team with a dress and blazer for an evening look. When out in Windsor at the weekend, I spotted these stylish ladies rocking the big clutch bag look. As you can see you can use a clutch to bring colour to your look or random neutral and sleek if you are already wearing a print.


So if you are a monochrome girl, you can add a pop of colour with your clutch, just like Rachael above. I personally like the following two:


This is a super girly one from Bank. It would look really pretty with a white sundress. Reduced to £8 at the moment.


This is also a pretty retro number being sold on at the month for £10.50.

However for those who opt for a brighter colour palette or busy prints such as Nic, here is my pick of my neutral clutch bags, without being boring – v.important!

gallery4ColPortraitT has this studded envelope shape version for just £6 at the moment.;jsessionid=D9226380B53086E5AEF00B5FEA72E359.fts05a:-1?browseToken=%2fb%2f1591


I am a massive fan of Dotty P accessories range and for this clutch  is a classic one is a perfect evening bag. The subtle snakeskin texture makes it look much more expensive than it is actually is (£10.50).

Personally I think I want the Etsy version to team with white floaty dress and my favourite leather jacket. (Always!)


Kate x


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