And the best dressed woman is…

7 May


Without a doubt, one of my favourite magazines of the year is Glamour‘s Best Dressed Woman issue. For years, I’ve pored over this list of the 50 best dressed women in the world, looking for inspiration and, sometimes even more importantly, deciding whether I agree.

Now… spoiler alert…


This year’s number one is…


Kristen Stewart. What do you think?



I completely agree that her red carpet outfits are often amazing. Here are a few of my favourites…




Though that’s not to say she’s disaster free…



That jumpsuit for the Met Ball was definitely a risk – and incredibly fashion forward – but isn’t it a wee bit unflattering?

Anyhoo… I’ve hotfooted it straight over to Asos (my trusted friend!) to find out how us regular people can get some Kristen style on a budget – because, while we might fancy a bit of Balenciaga, it’s probably just a dream! Here’s what I found!



Maybe I’ll get my own R Pattz in one of those!

Bethan x

ps. My personal vote for best dressed woman would’ve gone to the lady at number 11 – Olivia Palermo. Well, I do have a weakness for a printed trouser! Tell us who you’d have picked!



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