Evening flats

12 May

I’m coming to the realisation that, living in London, I may need to rethink my evening shoe wardrobe. At the moment, I’m resorting to carrying numerous pairs of shoes round with me all the time – Kate can vouch for this, I left a bag of discarded shoes at hers after out last night out!

The bottom line is, I can’t walk a long way in really high heels. I love them, but they’re just not practical for journeys taking you from one end of the city to the other – and changing your shoes on the Tube looks a bit embarrassing!

Thankfully, this season’s fashion has been kind to me, introducing the ‘evening flat’ – a beautiful, embellished shoe perfect for wearing with party outfits, but without all the hassle of heels. Hoorah!

Here are some of my faves…



Zara £22.99 – look at the cute little bejwelled heel!




Asos £30 I love the colour – I’m picturing these with a matching necklace.




Aldo £40 – so much detail, sooo perfect for evening.




River Island £45 – so on trend, I keep seeing celebs in these slipper-style shoes.



So I think the time’s come to treat my feet to something comfier, but no less pretty, for evenings out. Just think how much more dancing I can do!

Bethan x

Ps. I know this is all about FLAT shoes, but I couldn’t help being a little distracted by the simply amazing array of heels Zara has on sale right now. I know, I know, but perhaps I can save these for evenings out when I’m going by taxi from door to door! Just look at them…



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