The Sunshine Award

12 May

Thank you so much to Kate at – our Balham buddy! It’s our first award and we’re sooo excited and pleased!



So, first to answer Kate’s 10 questions…


1. Who is your style icon and why?

Kate Moss because she is the queen of being cool and was personally responsible for making skinny jeans the cut of choice. Kate

It changes all the time, but right now it’s Miranda Kerr. I can’t help but rip pictures of her out of magazines and stick them on the wall! Bethan


2. What are you wearing right now?



Kate’s rocking her pink Uniqlo jumper with her Oliver Bonas sausage dog scarf (cute!) Bethan’s wearing her new favourite neon New Look necklace and…

WP_000089 Leopard print Uniqlo trousers!

(It’s Sunday, so you’ll have to excuse our make-up free faces!)


3. Where was your best holiday?

Morocco, shopping in the souks was amazing. Kate

Paris, I’d love to live there one day – what’s not to like – coffee, wine, pastries and Chanel! Bethan


4. And your worst?

I may have been on 18-30 holiday to Tenerife a few years ago…not the worst but maybe the most embarrassing. No pics are going up of that holiday! Kate

Majorca, when I was 15, with my parents. They hate the heat, so I spent most of the week trying to convince them to leave the hotel! I’m actually going back to Majorca in three weeks so I’m hoping for a better experience! Bethan


5. Did you learn much at school?

Let’s hope so, or our CVs are all lies!


6. Could you predict your life?

I always dreamt of living in London and now I have been here for five years, I’m very happy that this dream came true! Kate

Funnily enough, I wanted to be a journalist when I was little, but I always thought getting a job on a magazine would be impossible – turns out it’s not, and I love it! Bethan


7. What was the first album you bought?

Spice Girls first album. Don’t judge. Kate

I can’t remember, but my first single was Take That’s Relight My Fire. And I still love it to this day! Bethan

Aren’t we super cool!


8. Could you ever live in another country?

Yes! I am desperate to make the hop, skip and jump to New York one day. Kate 

I always used to think I’d love to live in New York too, but now I think I’d be more of a Europe girl – Italy’s my dream destination, but I’d settle for Paris! Bethan


9. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?

Interesting question. I actually like my name, but do quite like the name Charlotte. However as my friends know I would definitely change my surname in a second! Kate

I’m the same – my first name’s Welsh, so it’s got that little something interesting about it (although no-one ever knows how to say it, which is annoying!). But my surname, Hill, is a bit dull, so I wouldn’t mind swapping that! Bethan


10. If you could have any person to be your mentor who would you choose?

Karen Brady. Director of a football club at the age of 23 AND super glossy hair. Tell me your secrets Karen! Kate

Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour magazine. It’s my favourite mag, and she seems really down to earth and cool. Plus I love her job. And her dress sense! Bethan


And here are our 10 questions…

1. What’s your favourite high street store?

2. What’s on your wish list right now?

3. If you had £5, what wardrobe update would you spend it on?

4. Are you a shoes or handbags girl?

5. Who’s syle do you prefer… Jessie J, Kate Middleton, Holly Willoughby – and why?

6. Favourite shopping city?

7. What’s your favourite style of jeans?

8. Perfect first date outfit?

9. Favourite spring/summer trend?

10. Worst fashion disaster – dare you share a picture?


And the 10 blogs we nominate are…

1. Her Passion of Fashion Because she loves Zara too!

2. Fashion Tarts For the beautiful bright colours you love, and we think your blog looks super impressive!

3. Fashion Reveller For accessible fashion we’d love to wear.

4. Fashion for Lunch We love your accessories, your nail art, and the fact that you love Jo Malone!

5. My Style Recipe You love Primark, too!

6. One Eyebrow Raised Because we love Made in Chelsea, and hate Spencer!

7. amuseume For your amazing street style

8. The Style Voyager For high street style and great pics!

9. The Fashion Medley Loved your post on The Great Gatsby

10. Style Sprite We want your style. And your hair!


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  1. MasonBentley May 13, 2013 at 3:31 pm #

    Great answers! xxx

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