Get me to the church on time…

19 May

Don’t worry Bethan I haven’t miraculously obtained a boyfriend and got engaged in the six days I haven’t see you BUT my diary is ringing with church bells as wedding season is officially upon us.

Weddings are obviously all about the bride. However with amount of photos, the risk of running into old school friends/ex-boyfriends and sometimes the opportunity to meet a dashing young gent whilst dancing to the macarena, it is very important that you (I) look at my very best.

Summer weddings should be all about colour in my opinion as weddings are usually a happy occasion and your outfit should reflect this. Plus us ladies should avoid all white to not piss off the bride and in my opinion all black so you aren’t mistaken at being at a funeral.

I want one new dress for one of best friend’s weddings at the end of June and with a budget of about £80 for the dress, these are the ones I am looking into.

For £60 Oasis has this pretty blue and white floral dress, and I really like the pink trim and belt for an additional splash of colour. This is quite girly but isn’t that the whole point of a wedding?


I would wear this will nude heels to avoid colour-overload. M&S is my favourite place at the moment to pick up in-expensive nude heels and these sling-bakcs may have the perfect heel height for a day of dancing:

Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Wide Fit Slingback Shoes

They are just £25 – get them here!

Thinking of M&S, I have just browsed their website and have fallen in love with this pink lace dress. I’m quite a fan of the sleeves too as I haven’t got round to quite as many arm curls as I should of. It’s under £40 so well within budget.


I would wear with a statement necklace to break up the neckline. Probably taking a trip to my favourite Balham store, Oliver Bonas to pick up this fabulous one that I can wear with white t-shirts after the wedding too.


And not forgetting my fashion homeland, Zara. I really like this loose wrap dress. The chiffon layers makes it pretty enough for a wedding, and let’s face it the loose feel is perfect for my second trip (read third) to the buffet once I’ve had one too many glasses of fizz.


I’m sure I’ll look as long and lean as this chick right? I think I would take away her simple heeled sandals and go for something a little more embellished such as these Zara beauties:


P.S. I do realise these are £70 so take the outfit way over budget, but a girl can dream right?!

I’ll be sure to tweet a pic of my winning outfit! Before I sign off I have to give a shout out to the lovely Miss. Williams who’s wedding I am attending in six weeks. Charley as you can see rocks a veil like no other!



Kate x


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