Summer jeans

14 Jul

I bloody love this hot weather so I am definitely not going to complain about it.

But…my ankles/thighs/legs were simply not built for summer dresses. Plus I am not the best in terms of shaving and fake tan so my legs are not up there in terms of “best features”.  That is why my perfect look is denim based.  Sometimes there is no better look than a great pair of jeans and a simple tee.

In the summer months, I think jeans can be a great look when the sun goes down and I have noticed there are some decent light blue jeans in the shops at the moment. You will note I am not a fan jeggings. Real denim only ladies!

These are the pairI bought on Saturday. Topshop’s Baxter jeans are perfect for me in terms of fit and length.

02S02DBLC_largeThey are £40 but I will wear them a lot. In particular this white t-shirt from New Look, which is just £5.











I also really like Mango jeans, and they are surprisingly good value. These pair are a little bit more funky and have a touch of the 90s about them. These are just £35. I have a indigo pair and they have worn really well.











If think skinny jeans are a bit too skin-tight for hot evenings, boyfriend jeans can look really cool. H&M have a great pair for £30.

hmprodI would team these will a top that has a bit of a sheer to make it a little more girlie/sexy. For this I would definitely check out the Zara sale. This cute top is only £6, which is amazing for Zara. Denim and a white top is a winning summer casual combination!













Love Kate x

(P.S. sorry I was away for so long. I stood on my laptop and I had to spend my shopping budget on a new screen. Bah humbug!)


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