Zara summer sale spree

14 Jul

After spending several hours trawling through Zara‘s website drooling over the things on offer – at knockdown prices – today I finally got myself to a store. And, of course, I made some purchases.

Here are my two new dresses – both under £30. I can’t find them on the wesbite, so they must be in-store only now – keep an eye out!





I also bought these trousers for only £17.99…


Unfortunately, they’re a really weird fit! Super tight around the bottom of my calves, and really baggy on the waist. I love them, especially after my blog on wanting pastel coloured separates, but they are not made for anyone my shape. However, I think if you’ve got bigger hips and slim legs (I have a bit of a chunky calf!) they’ll look fab!

Anyway, I’ll be taking those back. Which is an excellent excuse to check out the stuff I might’ve missed in the sale! Here’s what I’m keeping my eyes peeled for…










Happy sale shopping!

Bethan x



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