A stand against dresses “with cut out sides”

4 Aug

Warning – this is a rant.

I am taking a stand against dresses with cut out sides. This may be because I have eaten several chocolate digestives whilst watching the nineties classic Step Up. (It is Sunday night.)

However I think this is a trend that quickly needs to make its way to Primark’s bargain bins. So ladies unless you are size 6, wearing a dress that exhibits your side flab is never going to be a good look. I was in Primark today and unwittingly tried on some pretty Aztec dresses but once I had put them I was dismayed to see if that the sides are missing.

I don’t think it’s attractive even if ladies don’t suffer from some “excess skin”. Last time I checked the key attributes us ladies choose to show off are boobs, bum or legs. Never sides. Therefore this is a plea for this trend to go away as quickly as it came.

Rant over.

Bethan, do you agree?


Kate x


One Response to “A stand against dresses “with cut out sides””

  1. MasonBentley August 5, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

    Def designed by a man who doesn’t wear a bra.. xxx

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