25 Aug

I’ve finally finished reading my September issues of the fashion mags, and I am excited! As much as I love a sale, there’s nothing better than when the new stock comes into the shops, everything looks beautiful and new, and you can get excited about all those new outfits.

I’ve already purchased some autumn boots – Primark’s great cutouts:












Can’t wait to wear them! But as for the rest of my autumn/winter wardrobe – here’s what keeps cropping up in the mags, what’s caught my eye, and where you can already buy them…


Kate’s already blogged about pink coats, and I’m totally onboard with this trend. I love the Zara one, but I’m going to keep my eyes peeled elsewhere because I think EVERYONE will buy that one!

As for other pink bits in the shops…












£34.99, H&M

(This skirt also ticks the proportion and texture boxes – see below for more on those)












Blazer £59.99, trousers £29.99, Zara












£34, Topshop (Great texture, too – and Topshop has quite literally dozens of other fluffy, pink jumpers, well worth checking out)


Anything that’ll make people want to reach out and touch your clothes – could be shiny, like the H&M skirt above, could be silky, but the main one is fluffy and furry. I’ve always loved fake fur, and I’m glad this season I still have an excuse to wear it!

hmprod (1)











£34.99, H&M












£69.99, Topshop












£24, Topshop


If you’ve read my ‘ear cuff’ post, you’ll know I don’t exactly consider myself a ‘punky’ person – I’m more florals and fluff than leather and studs. But punk’s everywhere, so I’m to embrace it anyway, but with girlie, chic pieces, and lots of lovely tartan!

hmprod (2)











£14.99, H&M












£39.99, Zara












£48, Topshop

image1xxl (3)











£50, River Island at Asos


This mainly applies to coats – this season, if your coat’s not oversized, it’s not on trend! But I also think the proportion trend will be fun to play with using separates too. Take the pink H&M skirt above, paired with a fitted top. Or match an oversized shirt or crop top with some leather-look skinnies to also tick off the punk trend.

hmprod (3)











£79.99, H&M

(This also ticks the texture box – loving all these multi-trend pieces!)












£49.99, Zara












£39.99, Zara (I know they look a bit crazy, but they’re cool too!)












£75, Topshop

Fun sweaters

Just to balance out all that ‘serious’ fashion, here’s something fun and frivolous – sweatshirts, with cute patterns, cheeky slogans, anything goes (blame Cara D!). Topshop and Asos are the best ones by far!












£45, Topshop












£34, Topshop












£32, Topshop (It’s fluffy, too – texture – check!)












Asos, £12

image1xxl (1)











£32, Asos

image1xxl (2)











£45, Asos


I’ve also been thinking about make-up. I think, for autumn, I’m going to ditch the bright lipsticks and turquoise eyeliners (only for a few months, don’t worry!) and embrace a darker palette. I’m going to try some dark lipsticks, and I’m really keen to try some purple, smokey eyes, too. And I’m going for nude nails. I think, in winter, we usually want to go for dark nails, but if I’m doing dark make-up, I’m going to keep the nails light and neat – so I don’t look too goth!

I’ll upload some pics when I’ve given it a go!

Happy autumn shopping,

Bethan x


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