Bespoke perfume

8 Sep

A little break from the fashion posts today…

Yesterday I went to Face Factory in Southwark for a perfume blending experience. I learnt all about top notes (the scent that hits you in the face when you first smell perfume, but which fades the fastest – also used to cover up the alcohol), middle notes (the body of the perfume) and base notes (the ones that linger for up to 24 hours – think of the smell that’s left on your scarf at the end of the day).

We got to smell all sorts of popular perfumes before choosing our favourites for our own blend. I’ve never been a huge fan of strong, spicy or woody scents. I prefer girly, light florals – I love Flowerbomb.

Here’s what I picked:

Base notes: Vanilla, tonka, jasmine, musk, sandalwood.

Middle notes: rose, violet, clove, sea breeze, geranium, freesia, frangipani, lavender.

Top notes: Amber, bergamot, lemon, sage, blackberry, pear, blackcurrant.

Sound like loads doesn’t it?! But that was actually just 7 different scents combined, as they all combine so many notes.

Here’s Angie, who ran the demo, making my perfume for me…










And here’s the finished bottle…












I called it Breeze. Cute, huh? Loving wearing it already!

Bethan x


One Response to “Bespoke perfume”

  1. MasonBentley September 9, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

    Always wanted to do this! love the fact that you have sandalwood and violet in there..2 of my favourites x

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