15 Sep

On any given day, my Saved Items basket at Asos.com will contain at least five items I’m lusting after. It’s my favourite online shop, I like to pop on and have a browse at least once a week, and I always end up shoving several things in Saved Items.

I LOVE this feature. I can stick my wishlist in there for 60 days, giving me loads of time to decide whether I actually need that jumper covered in pompoms (I don’t). Then if something stays in the basket for a least a month, I know I really love it.

So I thought I’d share what’s currently residing in my basket with you, readers!

image1xxl (1)











Jumpsuit, £45 – This has been a long-term basket resident. Perhaps it’s time to bite the bullet and buy!

image1xxl (2)











Top, £17.50

image1xxl (3)











Skirt, £30

image1xxl (4)











Dress, £30 – the reason behind this is I saw Victoria Beckham in this dress…












…and I thought, ‘I need an oversized dress like that!’ Though perhaps this little phase will wear off. Let’s see if it lasts 60 days!

Any thoughts on what’s in my basket?

Bethan x


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