Where are the knee-length dresses?

23 Sep

I was at a work do last week (awards ceremony, la-di-dah! Yes, we won! Getting sidetracked…) and, as always, us ladies had some in-depth discussions about what we were wearing.

Well, actually, the in-depth discussion started about a week before the awards, with plans of what on earth we were going to wear. I even resorted to trying on half my wardrobe, taking photos of myself to get people to judge, then trying them on again in front of Kate and my housemate Laura to get the final decision! The things us girls put ourselves through…

Anyway, one thing we all decided was that it’s very difficult to find the right length dress out there on the high street. A few lucky ladies are happy with their gorgeous, slim legs, and more power to them! But for the rest of us, we’d ideally feel a lot more comfortable if our dresses reached our knees, just for that little safety-net feeling.

However, what we don’t want is a frumpy old lady dress. We just want exactly what’s already available, but with a hem just a few inches longer.

Quite a few of my friends are about 5ft 7, which I think is a tricky height. Not only do we suddenly tower over some men when we decide to wear our heels, but we also fall between the so-called ‘normal’ and ‘tall’ ranges on the high street.

But here are my suggestions…

Topshop’s midi dresses are a great length, and also come in funky colours and prints that takes away any potential frump factor…














Emerald, £46















Leopard, £35



Then, there’s the option of trying slightly more ‘grown-up’ shops, like M&S, which always gives you more fabric. Limited Edition is still really great, fashionable stuff…












Leopard, £39.50













Tweed, £35



Then, lastly, there’s the option of looking in the Tall ranges in shops. Topshop’s is great…













Tube skirt, £22 (yes, I know it’s not a dress, but this is about leg length – and I love this!)



And a special mention to New Look for range and great price…









£14.99, New Look










Burgundy, £14.99

So that’s classy dresses sorted for the party season then!

Any more tips on getting the ideal dress length?

Bethan x


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