Birthday outfit!

24 Sep

I am swiftly approaching my birthday and so obviously need a new outfit for Saturday’s celebrations. I am a dress girl and particularly like having an October birthday because black tights can be a part of the equation – good riddance summer’s bare legs!

I am thinking something bright – I am the birthday girl – but nothing too clingy or glitzy, it’s not Christmas just yet. So here are the contenders so far –

Obviously my first stop is Zara and I like this Aztec blue dress. (However I may have bought quite a few Aztec items this year)

I’ll dress up with some chunky heels. It’s £46 so okay for a party dress:












However may be a bit too short?!

I had a look on Dotty P’s website and this could be my favourite at the moment, I think it’s pretty cute:













A little more grown-up is this chiffon wrap dress from Topshop. It’s  very pretty which I would team with a chunky necklace. However I’m not sure how flattering this would be, it looks great on the skinny mannequin!

Chiffon Wrap Dress


So what do you think?

Kate x


One Response to “Birthday outfit!”

  1. Lara Calderwood September 27, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Third one! Third one! xXx

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