Winter (outer) wardrobe

11 Oct

I’ve done it! After months of searching (yes, starting in August), I have found my winter outer wardrobe, also known as my coat, hat and boots.

My birthday is in October so I am quite lucky in that I often have a bit more cash to spend at this time of year. Which is why I decided to go up a couple of pegs in terms of my high street shopping when I was looking for a coat. Here is the beauty I have fallen for, a moleskin mink coat that I think has a touch of Dickinson-London about it.

What surprised me most about this coat is that it is from Karen Millen. Not a shop I a) go in or b) even lust after. However despite dashing into Whistles and Reiss when I thought I had some extra money to spend, I actually ended up loving this:

Signature moleskin coat

Yes, it was £210 which is normally way, way over my high street budget but I think if you are going to splash out, a beautiful coat is worth the investment.

To finish the look I have bought these fab boots from M&S, at a little more purse-friendly £30.

M&S Collection Wide Fit Stiletto High Heel Panelled Shoe Boots

They are also incredibly comfy. I’m 27 now, comfort is now on the agenda!”And as my friends know, I can’t resist a hat – mainly because using an umbrella in London is far too stressful.  This olive green hat is from Accessorize. A touch “Captain Von Trapp” you may think, but who doesn’t love to reference the Sound of Music in clothes?


Now I’m dashing to get a plane to Budapest – of course rocking this outfit!

Have a fab weekend

Kate x


One Response to “Winter (outer) wardrobe”

  1. MasonBentley October 12, 2013 at 9:01 am #

    Happy birthday and have a great trip! xxx

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