Downton dressing

5 Nov

Has anyone noticed how beautiful the outfits are in this series of Downton Abbey? They’re into the swing of the 1920s, and the the dresses, the jewellery and the hair are amazing!













It’s pretty much all about the drop-waist and, handily for anyone who wants to recreate the look, there are a few examples on the high street (obviously with a slightly more modern spin, and much higher hemlines!)…












£17, Asos













£80, Warehouse













£25, F&F at Tesco













£89, M&Co

If you want to go even more authentically Downton, have a look on eBay or Amazon for 1920s-style flapper dressed. Some of them are gorgeous.

Then all you need is to add an embellished headband – Asos has the best selection out there. Here are my faves:












£18, Asos


image1xxl (1)











£18, Asos

And, to really push the boat out…

image1xxl (2)











£45, Asos

Happy 1920s!

Bethan x


One Response to “Downton dressing”

  1. lavenderloafers November 5, 2013 at 10:40 pm #

    Great selection!

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