Steel city style

6 Nov

This weekend Bethan and I are heading back up to the place we first met, our Uni town, Sheffield. In tribute to our Yorkshire weekend, I thought I’d pay tribute to some of my favourite Sheffield shops, my favourite looks back when I was still classed as a teenager and even a fashion mistake!  I have also created a bit of a montage of some of mine and Bethan’s earlier style statement (please don’t kill me for the photos!)

Every Sheffield student pays a visit to Freshmans boutique in their first week of living in the city. This was my first foray into vintage clothes and pretty much like everyone in Sheffield, I bought a an old Levis denim skirt and wore it for three years solid.


I’ve just looked and Freshmans now runs a pretty decent Facebook page in which they post their latest finds. Just look them up under Freshmans Boutique. This probably wouldn’t have existed when Bethan and I were at Uni, way back when!

Back in 2008, large elasticated waist belts were really popular. Ark on Division Street was quite a cool place to shop and I’m pretty sure this is where I bought this black and gold belt from. At the time I thought they were pretty slimming but I’m pretty sure it just distributed my uni weight into other places!


(Big shout out and sorry I am bringing out uni photos to our lovely friends Jo and Abbey!)

One of the biggest style influences in our last summer at Uni was the release of the first Sex And The City film. As you see I always was a Carrie and wore a corsage in homage to Ms. Bradshaw.


However I will totally own up to a style mistake here – I bought this pink number as a dress from Miss Selfridge and later saw someone wear it as a top with jeans. Opps!

Here’s to the Steel city – can’t wait to get back!


Kate x





One Response to “Steel city style”

  1. Joanna Teeling November 9, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    I’m glad you didn’t comment on Abby or I hahaha!!! Love that you’re back for the weekend though xx

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