The Asos £50 outfit challenge

13 Dec

Yesterday was my last day at my current job (starting my new one on Monday – eek!), and my lovely colleagues treated me to a whopping £50 Asos voucher as a leaving present. They know me so well!

This has got me thinking – how many great outfits can I get from Asos for just £50?

I love Asos for it’s fantastic bargains, so I’m confident I can get some great combos for this amount or less – only problem is, which will I buy?! (Shoes are not included – that’s pushing the challenge a bit too far!)

Here’s what I found:

The work outfit












Skirt, £28

image1xxl (1)











Blouse, £19.50

Total: £47.50

The party outfit












Trousers, £22

image1xxl (2)











Hairband, £8.50

image1xxl (3)











Camisole, £15

image1xxl (4)











Barry M Lipstick £4.49

Total: £49.99

The cosy weekend outfit

image4xxl (1)











Leggings, £18

image1xxl (5)











Jumper, £30

Total: £48

The Christmas day outfit












Jumper dress, £38

image1xxl (7)











Tights, £12

The perfect dress (yes, I know it’s only one item, so hardly an ‘outfit’, but I think this dress is something special – I’ve been looking at it for ages. It’s very loud, but I love a bright colour!)

image1xxl (8)











Dress, £45 – there’s enough left over to get your secret Santa present, too!

So, cast your votes – which outfit should I go for?

Bethan x


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