Blue shoes

16 Apr

After boycotting high heels for a while – I just decided I had to be comfortable – I’m feeling a magnetic pull back to the land of the stiletto. I know nothing’s changed and I’ll still be in pain when I wear them, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

In particular, I seem to want a pair of blue heels. Don’t ask me why – perhaps it’s because I think they’ll make a nice contrast to this season’s pastels. Or just because I’ve got lots of blue in my wardrobe.

The leader of the pack are these beauties from Zara. Be still me beating heart, these are beautiful!














£49.99, Zara

If anyone’s got a spare £50 they’re not using, I’d be happy to take it off you to buy these!

Other blue shoes I’ve got my eye on…












£45, Asos







£24.99, New Look













£52, Topshop













£49.50, Marks & Spencer

I’ve also invested in a pair of those nifty little flat shoes that roll up and fit into your handbag. Problem solved! Now I can wear these little beauties without whingeing about how much my feet hurt!

Bethan x


One Response to “Blue shoes”

  1. No Rule, Just Style April 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm #

    Love these!!! I’ve been eyeing them for a few weeks now.

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