Excellent new app: Grabble

4 May

A few weeks ago, someone at work told me about a brilliant new shopping app called Grabble (there’s also Skadoosh, which is very similar). Basically what it does is keep all your favourite online shopping items in one place, until you’re ready to buy them. Brilliant!

Before Grabble, you had to store all your desired items in each individual shop’s wishlist (my Asos wishlist always had about 20 items at any one time), and some online shops don’t have wishlists, so you just had to remember what you wanted to buy from them, until you actually had the money to splash out.

All you have to do is create an account with Grabble (they don’t ask for loads of info about you), then you add a ‘Grab’ button to your bookmarks bar, and you’re done. Whenever you’re shopping online and see something you want to save for later, ‘Grab’ it, and it’s saved. Grabble will even email you if any items you’ve grabbed get reduced (great if you’re coveting more high-end items).

This is proving extremely useful for me, as it means I have a cooling-off period between seeing something and immediately loving it, and actually deciding if I need it/love it as much as I thought I did. Great for impulse buyers! It also means you can compare similar items from different shops, to decide which is really the best for you.

The only problem I’ve discovered so far is that it doesn’t tell you if any of your Grabs have sold out while you’ve been storing them Very disappointing, and it happened with a couple of pairs of shoes I’d planned to save for payday. But there are always more shoes! Perfect excuse to search for more!

Now when payday rolls around, I can decide which items are the best choices, and which I can save for another month. And, what do you know, it’s payday in two days. Here are a few Grabs I hope to move from my virtual wishlist to my actual wardrobe…












Sleeveless coat, £29.99, H&M













Culottes, £20, Boohoo













Jumpsuit, £38, Topshop













Skirt, £28, Dorothy Perkins













Dress, £27 (bargain alert!), Warehouse at Asos













Leather sliders, £20, Asos

What’s on your payday wishlist?

Bethan x


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