A fun day’s shopping in the sun

26 May

Sometimes, when your shopping list’s as long as your arm, you have no choice but to go to the big shopping centres. For me, that means Westfield or Oxford Street, and you really have to prepare yourself for those trips. Sharpen your elbows ready to dodge slow-moving tourists, eat a carb-loading breakfast to power you through the dozens of shops you’ll need to visit and practise weight-lifting so you can cope with all the carrier bags you’re likely to end up with. Don’t get me wrong, I love a shopping trip like this, but it’s not exactly relaxing.

So it’s a big treat when, occasionally, with nothing on your list and a nice friend in tow, you can head to a calmer area for a gentle stroll, a browse round a couple of shops, and copious stops for tea and cake.

This is exactly what I did yesterday with my friend (and friend of the blog) Alex. We decided that, for a change, we’d go upmarket and meet in Sloane Square. Oh yes, la-di-dah! But the reality is, while there might not be Primark or New Look, there are some affordable shops. After a yummy brunch at Patisserie Valerie, I obviously dragged Alex into Zara where I bought the following…












Shirt, £25.99












Blouse, £25.99












Trousers, £25.99

Then we went for a mooch up the King’s Road. It was lovely looking round shops like Jaeger, LK Bennett, Joseph and Hobbs. The clothes are really beautiful quality, and while they’re more expensive than anything I’d usually buy, they’re not completely out of reach. If I retrained myself to stop buying 10 things costing £20 each month, I could treat myself to one or two of these lovely items. Something to think about (but until then, I’ll be looking for second-hand bargains on eBay!)

We also both treated ourselves (well, lovely Alex treated both herself and me!) to these cute, cheerful tote bags…

WP_000992 WP_000993











Her seagull bag was a bargainous £4 from Fat Face, while mine was £15 from Hobbs. I was also very excited to get my fancy Hobbs carrier bag as I’ve never owned anything from there before! These tote bags are a great, budget-friendly way to brighten up your outfit, and the perfect option if payday’s still not come round, but you just can’t help buying something.

Then we had a wander off to find Jo Malone’s new shop, Jo Loves, which is right round the corner from Sloane Square station, on Elizabeth street. Unfortunately it turned out it doesn’t open on Sundays (d’oh!), but I’ll definitely head back another day, as I’m keen to get a whiff of Jo Malone’s new offerings, and her shop’s on such a lovely street, right near Peggy Porschen’s perfect pink cupcake emporium. All in all, a lovely day, and no sore arms from lugging round tonnes of bags!

Did you hit the shops this weekend?

Bethan x


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