Zara’s a/w collection

7 Jul

The sale’s not even finished yet and I’m already coveting pretty much the entire a/w 2014 Zara collection. No need for more words, just feast your eyes (and check out those multi-coloured trainers!)…

Bethan x

0858203431_2_1_1 1165225671_2_1_1 1165299400_2_2_1 2412301202_1_1_1 2668190050_2_1_1 4043242800_2_2_1 4043246251_1_1_1 4437244802_2_4_1 4886242403_1_1_1 5630301050_1_1_1 5644234250_1_1_1 5644238115_1_1_1 7155301040_1_1_1 7535709707_2_1_1 7548600620_1_1_1 7553814800_2_1_1 7594365808_2_2_1 7597132066_2_1_1 7707301202_1_1_1 7901259600_1_1_1 8432304017_1_1_1


One Response to “Zara’s a/w collection”

  1. LC'sCloset July 24, 2014 at 9:03 pm #

    This post has made me so excited to hit Zara… Love all of these pieces so much!! I can’t wait to see the sequin jacket in person! I hope it’ll be a more affordable version of the Ted Baker one. 🙂


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