Animals on my shoes

15 Jul

I’m having MAJOR shoe lust for all kinds of shoes with animals on them at the moment. I find myself losing hours as I trawl the internet, hoping to find some kind of hidden bargain no-one else knew about. Needless to say, it’s not really happening, so instead I’ll just share my favourites with you here.

The original (and some might say best) are Charlotte Olympia’s kitty flats. I’m a big fan of the Fashion for Lunch blog, and today she alerted to me Charlotte’s fabulous new collection, Kitty & Co – eight new takes on the traditional kitty flats.










There’s even a fun game where you click on a magic eight ball to be told which kitty flat is for you. I got Pouty Kitty, but I must say my favourite is Pretty Kitty…











Though at over £400 a pair, these will remain a pipe dream!

I’ve also been counting up the pennies down the back of the sofa to see if I can justify buying Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Shorty flats. They’re Boston Terriers! My favourites! How cute?!








They’re in the sale (yay!) but sold out pretty much everywhere (boo!). I’ve tracked them down on Shopbop for just over £130. So, yes, compared to Charlotte’s, they’re a bargain. If only it were my birthday in a month and someone could buy them for me. Oh wait, it is! Let’s hope the right people are reading this. Size 6 please, shoe gods!

And finally, check out Kenzo’s brilliant bright tiger flats…


download (1)











They’re 70% off, down to £72 at Net-A-Porter

Do you like these creature comfort shoes?

Bethan x



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