Going upmarket

25 Jul

Something quite shocking has happened. I find myself suddenly less interested in my old faithfuls like Primark, New Look and H&M (though, truthfully, I’ll never stop loving their bargains), and more into higher-end high-street stores.

I’m talking Reiss, Whistles, French Connection and Hobbs. Call it the sales effect but, recently, the clothes in these stores, which once seemed to be priced out of my reach, have started to seem affordable.

It’s probably because (and I think this is a result of the recession), these days, you can often find pretty things in previously ‘cheap’ stores at around the £40 mark. I’m never really keen to pay this much for stuff from, say, Dotty P’s, H&M or Asos, because I expect a bargain from them.

But when an item is priced around this level from one of the high-end stores, and it’s been reduced from a previous price of over £100, you actually are getting a bargain. And the quality really is better.

Here are some of my favourite bits from the sales in these four shops (get in quick, they won’t be on for much longer…)












£44, Hobbs












£41, Hobbs












£59, Hobbs












£30, Reiss (I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it about twice a week. It’s already paying for itself!)












£68, Reiss












£35, Reiss








£45, Whistles (the top)

830_500_0_0 (1)







£45, Whistles












£33, French Connection












£44.40, French Connection












£19, French Connection (serious bargain alert!)

Do you think these are good deals? And which of these stores do you like best?

Bethan x


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