Crazy weather footwear

10 Aug

The weather in London (and the rest of the UK, I think) has been all over the place this past week. Massive storms and showers, followed by boiling hot, sunny weather, all in the space of a morning. What’s a girl to wear?

It’s still too warm to venture into jeans and trousers territory most days, so skirts, shorts and sandals are still the way forward. But what to put on your feet? Sandals are out of the question if you don’t want trench foot, and it’s too hot for boots. Which means it needs to be some other, waterproofs, like brogues. But, with bare feet, things can get either A. really painful or B. a week bit sweaty. (Sorry!)

The solution? Ankle socks! I know it might seem like you’re straying back into primary school territory, but stick with me. These catwalk looks (past and present) aren’t exactly childish, are they?

































Spring-summer 2012 UK, London












I tried this look for the first time on Friday – skater skirt, cream socks, patent black brogues. And it wasn’t as scary as I’d anticipated – my feet were happy, too!

I think the key, for me, is to keep the socks low key. Fun prints and wacky animal faces might be cute, but they’re a bit more distracting from your outfit than you might like. And pretty hard to co-ordinate, too! I like these from Topshop (available in a variety of colours)…













£3.50, Topshop

And as for the shoes? As I mentioned, I’m liking brogues at the moment, so I think it’s worth investing in a proper leather pair to see me through whatever the rest of this year’s weather has in store. Here are some options (I’m branching out from boring black)…












£69, Dune











£65, Office












£72, Topshop












£30, Asos

Keep dry!

Bethan x




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