The great winter boot hunt

21 Sep

Yes, it’s really that time of year again. Never mind the nights getting slightly darker and the weather slightly rainier, you know it’s the end of summer when you feel the uncontrollable need to go boot shopping.

I got back yesterday from my end-of-summer holiday in Devon, and now I’ve really got that back-to-school feeling. So there was only one thing for it. Today was boot-shopping day. It might still feel slightly premature, as technically it’s still passable as sandals weather out there, but if you don’t snap up the good boots when they’re available, they’ll be gone.

I’d decided that, this year, I was going back to knee-length boots. I’ve had a couple of years where the ankle boot has reigned supreme, but the long boot was well and truly back on the a/w 2014 catwalks, so it had to be back in my shoedrobe, too. I’ve been looking at some lovely styles in the likes of Office and Dune, but I eventually settled on this pair from Clarks…









Lindley Charm boots, £160, Clarks

The price was slightly eye-watering, but there’s a 10% off deal on at the moment (20% if you buy two pairs – very tempting!) and I think you have to invest in things like this. They’re buttery soft leather, beautifully made, and they’re not the kind of style that’s going to look out of fashion in just a few seasons. So I’m looking at it on a cost-per-wear basis, and avoiding eye contact with my bank statement!

However, now I’ve been in Clarks, I’m already drooling over several other lovely pairs of winter shoes in there. I think I might need these…









Lisette Blues, £110, Clarks

and Orla Kiely’s latest collaboration is amazing…









Orla Dora loafers, £110, Clarks









Orla Daphne boots, £160, Clarks

Stepping away from Clarks for a moment, I also bought myself these black Chelsea boots from New Look…












I know, that’s two pairs of boots in a day, but they were only £24.99, and you really can’t go wrong with a pair of does-it-all black ankle boots. I wore my last pair to death (quite literally – there was a ceremonial throwing them in the bin ceremony earlier today), so I know I’ll get good use out of them.

And in one day’s work, I’ve done my winter shoe shopping, hooray! Well, unless someone wants to loan me the £1,360 for these dreamy Gucci python ankle boots?












No takers? Better get saving then!

Bethan x




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