My new vintage obsession – Bang Bang!

18 Oct

I popped into London today for a little brunch outing with my friend Jennie (check out Lantana cafe if you get chance – it’s got it all – bacon, eggs, avocado, French toast, maple syrup, Buck’s Fizz. Not all on one plate, but you get the picture.)

Anyway, I digress… The point of this blog post is that we spotted a new shopping treasure. We popped into a charity shop on Goodge Street (some nice bits in there, Jennie found a cute little Zara tweed jacket), but when we left, we saw the main event across the road. I’m talking about Bang Bang Clothing Exchange.








(picture from Bang Bang Clothing Exchange)

I’m probably really late to the party here and you probably all already know about it, but it was news to me. And what a treat. We just popped in for a quick browse, but soon ended up in the changing rooms with about five items each. And there’s some high quality stuff in there. I tried on a yellow Stella McCartney top (sadly it didn’t fit – boo!), and we both found mountains of gorgeous A-line Celine skirts. Seriously! Major designers. You have to really hunt to find something in your size, but there’s a huge range in there, and everything from vintage corsets to past-season catwalk designers to Topshop. And the prices? Bargainous! The Celine skirts and the Stella top were both just £65. I’ve never seen prices like that for such quality vintage, even on eBay.

I came away with a Fred Perry jumper and a really cute little Topshop jacquard jacket, £45 in total. Chuffed!




















And now I’m hooked. When I got home, I had a look at Bang Bang’s Instagram page and now I know I have to go back. If we thought the stock today was good, it was nothing to do with some other days. They’ve got Chanel in there, they’ve got Kenzo. Check out

Plus, if you’ve got some nice stuff in your wardrobe that you don’t wear, you can take it into Bang Bang and, if they decide to buy it off you, they’ll give you money off their stock (hence the exchange!). They say: ‘We are always looking for unusual, eye-catching pieces rather than everyday basics. We love bold prints, bright colours, great tailoring and timeless classics.’ There are branches on Goodge Street, Berwick Street and Drury Lane. I’ll probably see you there!

Bethan x


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