Copenhagen style

22 Nov

I was in Copenhagen last weekend for a little pre-Christmas break. It was lovely there, lots of Christmas stuff set up already, really cool city, great food – I could go on. Here are a few of my pictures…

IMG_0810 IMG_0811 IMG_0829 IMG_0855 IMG_0858























While I was there, I noticed the Copenhagen girls have adopted a very chic sort-of uniform (it’s super cold, so it’s very necessary to wrap up warm).

The colour palette is muted. Lots of black, with the odd hint of grey, brown etc. They also seem to be big fans of the leather legging. I think this trend came and went here a couple of years ago, but it’s still going strong in Copenhagen. I must say, they look really cool – and also warm! I think if I’m going to try this, the trousers really need to be real leather. I’ve done the fake stuff and it’s just not that comfortable in a slim-fitting pair of trousers. I’ve found these…

image4xl (1)











£140, Selected at Asos












£99, Marks & Spencer

Next up is the black ankle boot. Ankle boots definitely reign supreme over knee-highs, and black is the colour of choice (goes with everything, smart thinking). Topshop has a great selection, and they’re all at a discount right now! Here are three of my favourites.












£45, Topshop













£75, Topshop












£38, Topshop

And lastly is the black padded jacket. Uniqlo is the king of this…












£79.90, Uniqlo

And I also like this one from H&M

hmprod (1)











£59.99, H&M

And there you have it – my three pieces to Scandi style.

Bethan x



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