Fur: faux vs real

25 Nov

While I was in Copenhagen, I paid a visit to the National Museum of Denmark, where they’re currently hosting an exhibition called Fur – An Issue of Life and Death.

Here are a few of my pictures…

IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0849
















It raises lots of questions about whether it’s ethical to wear real-fur clothing. From debates about animal welfare and cruelty to traditions in cold, Northern countries and the use of fur in high fashion (see the pictures above) the exhibition presents a lot of points of view.

There’s also a hands-on section where you can choose to try on either real or faux-fur coats. While the real fur can look beautiful, I found I didn’t want to try it on. I can’t bring myself to wear real fur.

And, with the huge variety of faux fur on offer today, there’s no need to. If you want something that looks real but isn’t, you can have it…












£75, Monki at Asos

But if, like me, you prefer this season’s trend for fun fur – obviously fake, brightly patterned styles – you can have that too. In my opinion, Topshop is king…












£89, Topshop












Topshop, £95












£89, Topshop

Bethan x


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