Happy new year! My blog resolutions

31 Dec

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it’s just a few hours until 2015 already?






I must start with a confession that I’ve been a very bad blogger. Five weeks have passed and I’ve posted nothing. I’m not sure what my excuse is – just the busyness of December and the tiredness that comes with really needing a holiday. But I’ve had a week off now, I feel rested and refreshed, and ready to start the new year. I’ve spent the past couple of days having a good spring clean – sorting out my clothes, jewellery, make-up etc, and it’s so good to have everything looking so neat.

So, in that vein, I’ve come up with some resolutions for the blog (and other style things) for 2015.

1. First up, of course, is a solemn promise to blog more regularly! I’ll be doing my utmost to write at least two posts a week and, if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram at @bethan_hill where I’ll be trying to post regular fashion stuff.

2. Along similar lines, I’m going to try to post more Outfit of the Day pics. They’re one of my favourite things to look at from other bloggers, but I never post them myself. I think I’ve just felt a bit shy – but I’m going to be brave and start posing in the mirror. To start me off, here’s today’s festive OOTD…







Someone’s going to have to surgically remove my new Fat Face slippers from my feet when I have to go back to work!

3. Wear more bracelets. I’m a big jewellery lover and I wear earrings and rings pretty much every day, necklaces a good few times a week, but I never bother with bracelets. Why not? I’m not sure, and I always think they look brilliant on other people. Here are some that I own that I’m going to make an effort to get more use out of…





















4. Wear more lipstick. I tidied out my make-up box earlier today and I’ve got loads of lovely lipsticks I really should be wearing more. I’ve been a bit braver with them recently, and I always love wearing them, so I’ve decided to do it more often. Here’s my selection. Any favourites?










(From top to bottom: MAC Dubonnet, Nars Gipsy, MAC Alarm, Tom Ford Flame, Maybelline Color Drama Fab Orange, MAC Peach Blossom, Burberry No 25, MAC Yash, Maybelline Color Drama Fuchsia Desire, Max Factor Colour Elixir Vibrant Pink, and the glosses on the right, anticlockwise from top: Nars Istria, Chanel Fleur D’Eau, MAC The Simpsons Red Blazer)

5. Bring in the ‘one in one out’ rule. Might be a tricky one to do, but the plan is that every time I buy something new, I have to chuck out something old (or donate it to charity if it’s nice enough). That way, things shouldn’t get out of control and I won’t have to spend hours spring cleaning any more!

6. Follow a proper skincare routine. I’ve been reading Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest book, which is great, and she’s inspired me to change my skincare routine. Watch this space for a future blog post on the subject.

7. Invest in the classics. There’s no disputing that a sequinned skirt, slogan t-shirt or printed pair of trousers are always fun, and I will never stop buying them, but I’m going to try to make sure I spend more of my shopping money on quality staples that I’ll wear forever. I’m thinking jeans (I’ve got a thing for MiH right now), cashmere jumpers, leather boots and bags… You get the idea.

That’s it – hopefully nothing too unrealistic there. What are your resolutions? Let’s see how 2015 pans out!

Bethan x


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