Ooh, new jewellery

6 Jan

I used some of my time off over the festive break to sort out my jewellery box. I cleaned anything that had gone a bit tarnished, chucked out all the earrings that had lost their partners and tidied everything up. Do you find you always wear the same pieces over and over just because they’re near the top? I do, so I’m hoping now that everything’s tidy, I’ll mix it up a bit.

Here’s the resulting, very visually pleasing, arrangement.
























I’ve also been adding to my jewellery collection recently, trying to get some more interesting, quirky pieces, particularly earrings, which I’m enjoying wearing with my hair up. Here are a few…










Ear cuff from Topshop










Silver lily earrings with a long drop back from a stall at a Christmas market at the Tate Modern.










Pearl front and back earrings from Topshop.

And I’ve made a little foray into mid-range, with earrings from Astrid & Miyu and Maria Black Jewellery…









Finally, the sales seemed like the perfect opportunity to add to my Z For Accessorize range. I love this stuff, and it’s great quality – all gold-plated with semi-precious stones. I think it’s a cut above the average high-street jewellery. I got this lovely amethyst necklace and quartz earrings for 50% off…

IMG_0952 IMG_0946










Are you adding a bit of sparkle to the new year?

Bethan x


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