Crazy for suede

27 Jan

I find myself having a strange wardrobe craving of late. It’s not exactly practical, and it’s not exactly cheap – but the heart wants what it wants! I’m talking about suede. It’s going to be huge for s/s 2015, according to the trend predictors, so it’s no surprise that I’m feeling the love. And I’m not just talking boring beige and tan. Suede in all shades of the rainbow is hot right now, so there’s no excuse not to be colourful. included this amazing photo montage in its trend report…









Now to deal with the drawbacks: practicality and price. As we all know, suede doesn’t exactly take kindly to wet weather, so any suede outerwear needs a good dose of suede protector, and really should only be worn when the weather’s looking bright. Better check that forecast. It doesn’t apply to anything under your coat though, so suede belts and shirts etc are a go! And as for price, yes, leather materials tend to be expensive, but that’s because you’re paying for quality, and these pieces will only get better with age. And, if you act fast, you can snap up some bargains in the last days of the a/w 2014 sales. Loads of stuff is now about 70 per cent off, so if you can find what you want available in your size, buy it now!

That’s what happened with my new Clarks Originals desert boots. I saw someone wearing a nice bright blue pair of desert boots with turned-up skinny jeans, and I needed to buy into that look. I thought pretty much every shoe shop going would be selling desert boots, but they were actually pretty hard to track down. It seemed Clarks were the best option, but their non-sale boots were £85 (bit pricey for such a whim!) and their sale ones weren’t in my size. So thank you to You just go onto the website, type in what you’re looking for and they’ll find all the shops that are selling that sort of thing. Which led me to Debenhams, which had these amazing purple Clarks desert boots in the sale, reduced to under £30, and only one size remaining – mine! It was fate. They arrived in the post today and I think they’re so cute. I can’t wait to wear them (weather permitting, obvs!).









As for my other suede-based purchase, I’ve also bought this jacket from Mango…










It’s £44.99 in the sale, still available in sized M and L.

Or if you’re happy to spend a bit more, I love this non-sale red version, which is £89.99…










So I hope you’ll join me in praying it doesn’t rain so I can enjoy my new purchases!

Happy suede hunting,

Bethan x



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