Zara s/s 2015 drop

31 Jan

It’s that time again – the sales are over and the first hints of the spring spring/summer collections are hitting the shops, woohoo! It’s becoming something of a Girls on the High Street tradition now to show off what’s landed in one of my favourite high-street stores. So here it is, fresh in this week at Zara. Feast your eyes and enjoy!

Bethan x

0264021822_2_1_1 1255007305_1_1_1 1348001004_2_1_1 1639053060_2_3_1 2140079401_2_1_1 2154071526_1_1_1 2161116069_1_1_1 2182280671_2_2_1 2229624251_2_1_1 2604001009_2_5_1 3859001736_1_1_1 4043049064_2_5_1 4452040400_2_4_1 4786042600_1_1_1 7521355712_1_1_1 7972020401_2_3_1 8348046401_1_1_1


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