I’ve been buying shoes again…

15 Feb

It’s been a very fruitful couple of weeks in the shoe department for me. (I say fruitful, what I really mean is: naughty me, look at all these shoes I’ve bought, how ever shall I justify them?). Anyway, I’m happy to say I got bargains of some sort on all of them, and they’re brightening up my shoe collection a treat. So I’m going to share them with you…


First up were these silver T-bar dancing shoes from Topshop, down to just £15 in the sale. I couldn’t resist them, and the heel isn’t massive, so they’re comfy to wear. But mostly, they’re just really cute! On the same day, I caved in and bought these…


They’re by Orla Keily for Clarks, again half price in the sale. I’ve been loving the Orla for Clarks collections, but they’re quite expensive at over £100 for most styles, and they’ve been selling out really quickly, so I thought I’d missed the boat. But I spotted this one pair – in my size! – and decided it had to be fate. They’re sooo comfy, really eye catching, and I love them.

Next came these…


A rather naughty extravagence from the Reiss sale. They’re completely impractical of course, being both made of satin (not great in most weather types) and really high. But they were too beautiful to resist. I’ve been lusting over them on the Reiss website for ages, so I decided to just go for it. These will definitely be shoes for short distances, but I didn’t own any amazing heels previously. That just had to be rectified!

A couple of days after those, I took delivery of these…


Bargain black lace-ups from Office. I had a very similar pair previously from Dorothy Perkins, which I pretty much wore to death. The soles were coming apart and they were no longer waterproof, so I really needed a replacement. Then I spotted this version on the Office website, in the sale for under £30 (and they’re leather, bonus!). No brainer.

The next knock at the door came with…


This brand new pair of leather Whistles sandals, bought on eBay for just £30. Total barg, and great shoes for summer, no?

The penultimate pair in my shoe confessional are these Nike hi-tops…


I blame this purchase on the boyfriend. I’m not often found in sports shops, but last weekend, he dragged me into one and I spotted these, in the sale for £30. I’d been thinking of getting some Nike hi-tops a few months earlier (after seeing a great street-style pic of a girl wearing a pair with a pleated midi – good look, must try this now), but then Christmas came around and I had to spend money on presents for people besides myself! Spotting these on sale though meant it must be fate, and I ran to the till with the shoe box in my hands.

And finally…


My most recent (and last, has to be the last) eBay purchase was these amazing blue wedges from Reiss, worn only once and with not a mark on them, for £14.99. Bloomin brilliant! They’re also sky-high, but when you’ve got shoes this pretty, who cares about foot-ball pain?

That’s seven pairs of shoes in the last month or so. Someone stop me!

(Who am I kidding?)

Bethan x


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