Outerwear obsession

18 Feb

While the past few weeks have mostly been about shoe purchases (see previous post), I’ve also added to my outerwear collection. As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, I’ve had a bit of a thing for suede recently, so I decided to get a suede biker jacket for spring.


This one was only £45 from Mango (in the sale), which is a bargain for real suede. It’s really lovely, and the nice thing is, being such a classic colour and shape, I hope I’ll wear it for years, and it’ll just get softer over time. It’s not been warm enough to wear it yet (still thick winter coat, scarf and gloves weather) but I’ll be bringing it out soon.

I’m starting a new job in two weeks and, while I love my fur-lined parka from Oasis, which I’ve been wearing all winter, I was feeling like I needed something smarter to make a good first impression. Hence the purchase of this…


It’s a gorgeous mint-green wool number from Reiss, well over half price in the sale. It’s very fitted and smart, and I think it’s the perfect investment piece.

And lastly, I’d seen this H&M printed coat in a few magazines, but it hadn’t popped up on the website or in shops yet…


So when I spotted it in a store last weekend, I bought it immediately. It’s such a pretty spring print and will be great for when it’s a bit warmer but not quite T-shirt weather.

And there you have it. If only it’d just warm up a few degrees so I could ditch the arctic outerwear and switch to these. I’ll keep praying.

Bethan x


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