All denim everything

6 Apr

It’s no secret that denim’s having a fashion moment. Gone are the days when we laughed at people in double denim and stuck faithfully to our indigo skinnies. Now you can buy pretty much everything in denim, and some of this season’s hottest pieces are made of the enduringly popular fabric.

Take my regular shopping haunt Zara, which is all over the trend. I fell in love with this skirt a couple of days ago…


£29.99, Zara. It’s the perfect nod to the 70s look that’s hot right now, but I’m obviously not the only one who’s clocked it, because it’s already sold out in two sizes – argh! If they’ve still got it in your size, buy it now!

I also love this patchwork mini, which is still available in all sizes…


£35.99, Zara, but post-winter, I’m still feeling a little too leg-shy for a skirt this short!

This tunic top has serious hippie vibes…


£39.99, Zara. I think it’d be great as an evening cover up on a beach holiday, or worn over a short skirt (better find that fake tan after all) to mix up the proportions.

I’ve got a major hankering for this H&M denim dress…


£17.99, H&M. Denim shirt dresses seem to have been selling out all over the place, but I think this one is perfect, and at such an unbelievable price. In fact, excuse me one moment while I place my order…

I’ve also been scoping out the best longer-length denim shorts on the high street. You’ve got to buy these pieces early, because when the sun comes out and it’s finally shorts weather, all the good styles will have already gone from the shops and they’ll be bringing in the winter stuff already. Asos has a couple of options…


£30, Asos

image1xxl (1)

£32, Asos

I’m torn between them because I love the retro high waist and dark wash of the first pair, but I like the slightly longer length of the second pair. Maybe I need to try both to find out which is the most flattering.

Gap also has this longer-length pair…


£34.95, Gap, so they’re also in the running.

I already have a denim jacket that’s been in my wardrobe for probably about six years now, and it’s still as good as ever. In fact, it’s softened up over the years, so it’s probably even better. I got mine from River Island, but they seem a bit low in denim jackets right now, so if I was planning to invest in a new one, I’d go for this classic style from Topshop…


£45, Topshop

And until it’s warm enough to wear these summery denim pieces, I’m going to keep rocking the double denim…

IMG_0994 (1)

Bethan x


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