‘I Style Myself’: The results

25 Apr

In my last post, I wrote about the I Style Myself app, and said I was going to put it on trial for a working week. So, here are the outfit suggestions it gave me, made up of only what’s in my wardrobe, and what they looked like  in real life…



Tuesday (minus the jacket, which is something the app suggested I buy)

IMG_1549 IMG_1577


IMG_1595 IMG_1600


IMG_1558 IMG_1604


IMG_1544 IMG_1609

What do you reckon? I’m really pleased with the suggestions, and I felt happy wearing every one of these outfits.

The best bits? This app really makes the most of colour. It chooses combinations with colour in mind, so you end up with things like Thursday’s outfit, where the orange jumper picks out the orange trim on the kitty flats. And I got lots of compliments for Tuesday’s outfit. I usually wouldn’t pair this minty blue skirt with a top in such a similar colour, but people liked it, especially on a sunny day.

It’s also made me appreciate some of the more neglected items in my wardrobe. I haven’t had my white skinny jeans or my polka dot culottes on for months, but it made me see there are lots of ways to wear them,

And finally, it really did point out what my wardrobe was lacking, and as a result, I’ve bought two new cardigans – one navy, one grey – and a small bag. No woman can survive with a wardrobe that contains only one handbag and zero cardigans!

The less good bits? The app definitely plays favourites. Staple items like skinny jeans and my white plimsolls come up in outfit suggestions over and over again, so if you followed the app all the time, you might find some things get a lot more wear than others.

I also think it’s missing a key feature: You know those days when you really want to wear a certain top or pair of shoes, but you’re not sure what with? I wish the app had a feature where you could tell it the item you wanted to wear, then it generated suggestions based around this. At the moment, the suggestions are completely random, so you might have to do a lot of swiping until the item you have in mind appears. I’ve bought a pair of pink camo skater flats, which I love, but because of their bright colours, they’re not appearing in as many outfit suggestions as some of my more neutral pieces.

But overall, this week has been a resounding success, and I will definitely keep using the app (but perhaps I’ll defy it and wear the pink camo skaters now and then!)

Bethan x


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