Rumble in the jumble 2015 + a print extravaganza

10 May

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for the past year or more (thank you!) will know that last year I went to the amazing Rumble in the Jumble jumble sale event and had a brilliant time. (And if you didn’t read that entry, you can click here for it).

So when I found out that the event was back again, I was very excited. It was yesterday, again at Oval Space in Bethnal Green, with pretty much the same stuff on offer as last year. But this year, I was wiser – I knew what to expect and how to get the most out the event. I took a bag to carry my haul in. I took a friend, who helped me make slightly wiser clothing decisions. And I took more money this year, which I well and truly made use of!

As always, there was lots of brilliant celebrity jumble available – Fearne Cotton went to town donating her amazing stuff, there were lots of pretty dresses from The One Show’s Alex Jones, and I think I saw about 10 pairs of Annie Mac’s shoes. Sadly, most of these celebs are teeny, so I didn’t buy any of their swag.

So what did I buy?

I started with these Diane Von Furstenburg 100% silk trousers, a bargain at £40…

IMG_1652 IMG_1653

Those were my big spend, leaving me with just £25 of my budget. With that, I bought these two dresses, a natty little jumper and a blouse, leaving me with just enough for a large slab of cake from the tea and cake stall…

IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657

I seem to have gone for a bit of a print theme with my purchases, which leads me to a different subject…

I’ve noticed recently that my wardrobe’s been looking less colourful than it has in recent years, I’ve always loved a bright print and a loud colour, but I’d been consciously trying to build up my collections of basics, adding in quality pieces in neutral colours that I’ll actually get some wear out of.

But where’s the fun in that? Yes, it’s great to have staple pieces, but you’ve also got to have the things you love, so I’ve been trying to add back in some more pretty prints. And you won’t be surprised that Zara’s selection is proving very tempting. Look at all this print goodness…

1478027300_2_2_1 2299774712_2_1_1 2428758800_2_1_1 2522762645_2_1_1 7568040650_2_1_1

Things are looking bright!

Bethan x


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