It’s about time I had some Russell & Bromley shoes

16 May

My new workplace is slap bang in the middle of some amazing shopping streets, so I’m tempted by beautiful things on a daily basis.

One of those beautiful things is the Russell & Bromley shop window. I’ve always been aware of the brand, known it’s amazing quality, and seen it on countless celebs. Kate Middleton, Alexa Chung and Millie Mackintosh are among R&B’s fans…

Kate-Middleton-Russell-and-Bromley-P- AChung11_gl_9dec09_pa_b_592x888millie-mackintosh (1)

But I’ve always thought it was a touch too expensive. Don’t get me wrong, these shoes are right at the top end of the high-street budget, but I’m starting to think that the amazing quality and the beautiful designs might justify the price.

Payday’s still a few days away, but if I do decide to take the plunge, here are my frontrunners…

372145_medium 123395_medium 123377_medium 123362_medium 123351_medium 123282_medium

123390_medium 123381_medium    123337_medium372498_medium

Anyone got a favourite?

Bethan x


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