Hooray for high-waisted!

6 Jun

Remember those dark days, back in the early Noughties, when the only style of jeans it was acceptable to wear was an ultra low-waist bootcut? No? Check out these pics of Carmen Electra and Paris Hilton as a quick reminder…

960x540 Were-Low-Humanly-Possible

Oh yes, you remember now, don’t you! No tops were long enough to meet these super low riders, so you were always flashing a slice of midriff (though that was actually the point!), and when you sat down, everyone either got a glimpse of your builders bum (or your underwear – depending on what style you favoured!)

We didn’t question it at the time, and we all thought the idea of a high waist, or anything that wasn’t bootcut, was deeply uncool.

How glad I am that times have changed. These days, pretty much any style of jean or trouser goes. We like flares as much as skinnies, and high waists are firmly back on the map – and they’re the subject of this post.

I’ve been trying a few high-waisted options recently, and I’m getting quite into them. There is, of course, the DVF trousers I’ve mentioned several times, which sit very high up…


And yesterday I treated myself to these denim culottes from Zara…


£29.99, Zara.

I’m also currently watching a pair of MiH Berlin jeans on eBay. I had a google of the style earlier and found this picture of Jessica Alba wearing them…


Seriously cool and flattering, right? They’re an old style, so they’re sold out everywhere, but such is the wonder of eBay that they can still be tracked down. The bidding war begins…

As for what to wear with these high-waisted numbers, I find my wardrobe in need of a new category of tops: tight ones. High waists need tops tucked in, and the flowy blouses I favour don’t look quite right. I bought one of these Zara vests yesterday…


£7.99, Zara

Which was a brave move for me, as I never do sleeveless! And I’m thinking it might be time to go totally retro and invest in a couple of bodysuits. That way, I’ll get a totally smooth outline under my high waists. It’s been tricky to find nice ones – my faithful Asos has a slightly crazy selection full of cut-outs and plunging necklines – but I think Boohoo has a good range, and all for about £10, which is a bargain. I’ll think I’ll buy a size up for the sake of comfort!

Bethan x


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