Ancient Greek Sandals (and some affordable high-street versions)

14 Jun

Summer is finally – sort of – here in London. We’ve had a few days of good sunshine (although it’s disappeared again this weekend, but it looks set to be back this week). And, it’s only two weeks till I’m off on holiday. All of which adds up to one thing: it’s officially sandals season!

I’ve been enjoying wearing my Penelope Chilvers sample sale snakeskin sandals…


And I have a couple of pairs of heeled sandals in my collection, but no other flats. I’ve been coveting the amazing style made by Ancient Greek Sandals. Feast your eyes on a selection (I love the winged styles SO much)…

1006517_1 1006524_1 1009292_1 1009293_1 1018574_1 1018580_1_large

But with prices starting at about £120 for the leather sandals (£70 for the blue jellies), they’re not exactly an impulse buy. So I thought I’d see if I could find anything similar for a high-street budget. I think it’s all about finding a simple style, in a neutral colour, with a bit of glitter or beading to add a dash of fun. Here’s what I’ve found…


£28, River Island at Asos

image3xxl (1)

£25, Asos


£20, Asos


£29.99, H&M


£35, Office

In summary – there are loads of these styles out there, so you won’t have to search high and low. I think I like the third pair best, and with the £100 I save myself, hmm, perhaps I should go shopping for more bargains!

Bethan x


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