The sales are everywhere!

20 Jun

It’s that time again: the high street’s gone sales mad. I can’t walk down a single street near my office without being confronted by those temptingly massive SALE signs. So it’s been pretty hard to resist temptation. And, of course, I haven’t!

There was lots of excitement, as always, surrounding the Zara sale, which kicked off on Thursday. I went along and tried a few things on, but I don’t think the Zara sale really gives you massive bargains. They tend to start off only reducing items by about £10. However I’ve got my eye on a couple of things that I’m hoping might be reduced further…

sales 2015

Now £29.99, Zara


£29.99, Zara


£29.99, Zara

Another favourite sale of mine is Whistles, mostly because I can’t justify paying full price for that stuff! Here’s what I’ve been eyeing up…


£55, Whistles


£65, Whistles


Cashmere! £65, Whistles


£80, Whistles


£70, Whistles

The same goes for Reiss – usually too expensive, so it’s all go when the sale comes! I’m coveting this dress…


£95, Reiss

And I always love a new shoe or two from Clarks…


£35, Clarks

But what I’m really waiting for is the Orla Kiely collection to be in the sale. I love these, but they’re still full price…


Clarks, £110

And as for what I did buy? Well, I’ve had another naughty little designer shoe splurge. Meet my new Marni sandals…


Half price, still credit-card-only expensive! But I own something from Marni! And they’re beautiful.

The sales are one of those times when some of the designer things you could normally only dream of seem to be within reach. There’ll be no more big purchases from me for a while now, but if I could go made in the sales, I’d get these…


£181, Equipment


£262.50, Miu Miu


£189, Bella Freud

That’s quite a wishlist! What’s on yours?

Bethan x


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