M&S Limited London collection

27 Jun

Have you spotted the new Limited London collection at good old high-street faithful M&S? It’s part of the Limited Edition range, which I’ve been a fan of for a while, because it’s a slightly more youthful, fashion forward selection.

Limited London is made from recycled fabrics and inspired by the fashionable folk of London. And it’s definitely caught my eye. Take a look…

RC_01_T69_1940J_ZZ_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_2390J_ZZ_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_3063J_T4_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_8652J_ZZ_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_9515J_PD_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_9806I_Y8_X_EC_90 RC_01_T69_9811I_A4_X_EC_90

Nice, huh? And there’s a special offer on at the moment, so pieces start at £7.60, and there’s nothing more expensive than £55.20. Good old M&S!

Bethan x


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