Skirts and trainers

8 Aug

I’ve recently acquired a shiny white pair of Lacoste Showcourt trainers…


You can buy them from Asos. They’re so white and shiny, I daren’t actually wear them outside. But also so comfortable I can’t wait to take them for a spin.

I know they’ll be brilliant in autumn and winter with trousers – skinny or wide leg, jeans or something more dressed up – but for now, while it’s lovely and hot in London, I find I want to wear them with pencil skirts.

This is perhaps partly to do with the recent tube strike situation in London. So many of us have had no other choice than to don our trainers and march across the city. But because we’re heading to work, we can’t wear the jeans and t-shirts we might normally wear with our trainers. So skirts, dresses and trainers are a definite thing (even if some people change into heels when they arrive at work. I don’t!)

Obviously, though, this is not a look solely enjoyed by weary commuters. Celebs and street stylers have been doing it for quite some time (it’s very 90s – and 90s is very cool right now. You can’t move for minimalist outfits worn with Adidas Stan Smiths in London).

Rihanna’s a queen of the look…


Sadly, for me, my wardrobe’s been a bit lacking in the pencil skirt region of late. So what’s a girl to do? Go shopping of course.

I popped into Oasis on my lunch break yesterday and picked up these two little sale beauties for the not so grand sum of £21. For two skirts!


Two completely different skirts – one girlie, one sporty – but I think they’ll both look lovely with my new trainers. I can’t find either of them on the Oasis website now, but it’s well worth checking out the final bargains in your local branch.

But what I really wanted was a leather pencil skirt. I found them a bit lacking in the shops I visited, but luckily my faithful eBay didn’t let me down. I’m awaiting the arrival of this M&S Autograph number…


A great staple that I hope will see me right through winter. So I’ve not done too badly with the acquisition of pencil skirts.

If you’re loving the skirt and trainers look, I’ve picked up loads of inspiration on Pinterest – it’s a popular topic! Here are some of my favourites…

058f0aab0f3893fc49ad0e2b56bedbdd 71f0b0f3819dd1a49989d80c1b6cb669 91d692820d7467c02861f30793b12fef 1023cab0dbcf08b721e203edf651ea64 7976f3691775c5b5168b6ce847e439eb

What these pics have taught me? You can’t go wrong with a black, grey and camel palette (bright colours make trainers feel a little too sportswear), and luxe fabrics make your trainers feel like a smart option. I am 100% going to copy the girl at the cafe. Her camel jumper dress is a dream.

How do you wear your trainers?

Bethan x


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