I think I want some Uggs…

19 Sep

It’s been a decade since Sienna Miller, SJP et al first introduced us to Uggs. Those things were everywhere, worn with skinny jeans, boho maxi skirts, even denim shorts (if it’s hot enough for shorts, it’s too hot for Uggs!).


But then they died a bit of a fashion death, when we realised that, actually, they’re not the most elegant of shoes, are they? (understatement…). They’ve always been popular though, mainly because they’re so comfy and, when it gets cold in England, sometimes all you want to wear is a sheepskin boot.

I’ve always resisted buying them (I did cave in once and buy a rip-off style from New Look, but those days are best forgotten), but I think this year might be the year for me to get some Uggs. Just not the style popularised back in 2005.

Have you seen all the other styles Ugg is making these days? If not, feast your eyes…

8893326917662 8950252732446 8956981444638 8962475753502 8962479685662 9018547175454 9021614653470

These are all available from Office, starting from £120. So, the question is, will you be converted to Uggs?

Bethan x


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