My big fashion Saturday

3 Oct

I’ve just arrived home from a long day of fashion-related activity in the city. It’s not often that I venture into London at the weekend these days – I tend to just grab anything I need during my lunchbreak (I’m based right by Oxford Street) or order stuff online. So it was good to remind myself of how nice it can be to wander round without the deadline of the end of my lunch hour.

First on my list was Whistles, because I had a 25% off voucher (thanks to this month’s Grazia – expires Monday, get yours now!). I love Whistles, but I never buy stuff from there when it’s full price because, frankly, it’s too expensive. The cashmere is beautiful, but it’s about £180 for a jumper, and you can get them for less than half of this in Uniqlo or M&S. I took about eight things into the changing room, but knew I could only stretch my budget to buy one of them.


Of course I made a purchase. It’s a roll-neck midi dress in navy, which I was going to post a link to, but it’s not on the website! So here’s my own slightly rubbish photo instead…


It looks so boring here, but it’s actually a lovely snuggly winter dress, with great details like pockets on the front and ribbed cuffs and sides.

Next up, I went to the V&A to see the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition. If you’re a fan of shoes, this is well worth a visit – basically two floors of shoe porn. There are some brief descriptions about the history of shoes, how they convey status, customs in other countries, but most of all, this is an opportunity to drool over some seriously beautiful shoes. It’s amazing to see how tiny the feet of Victorian women were but, for me, the highlight was all the references to Sex and the City. There’s a video playing of the moment Mr Big gives Carrie her blue Manolos (possibly THE classic movie shoe moment of recent years) and lots of pairs of shoes linked to SJP. I also loved seeing David Beckham’s ‘Brooklyn’ football boots. Because I’m such a big football fan, obvs.

Carrie-Bradshaw-Mr-Big-Shoe-Proposal-1426006825 (1)

Finally, after all that culture, I sharpened by elbows and headed for the Alex Monroe jewellery sample sale at The Hoxton in Holborn. I’d actually gone there first thing in the morning, but the queue was enormous and rumour had it that it was going to take two hours to get to the front. No thanks! So I went back at the end of the day. It paid off. There was still loads of stuff and, if you weren’t too fussed about which piece you wanted, which I wasn’t, plenty to please. I bought these three bird-themed bits for less than the price of one of them at full price. Now that’s what I call a bargain!


Phew, now I need to put my feet up with a cup of tea (and put my poor credit card in the freezer to cool off!)

Bethan x


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