Embroidery, baby

10 Oct

I’ve become rather obsessed with beautiful, embroidered pieces of clothing recently. I blame it on Dolce & Gabbana. Their gorgeous pieces for aw15 are enough to get any fashion fan swooning…


And Net-a-Porter isn’t short of a gorgeous embroidered designer piece or two…


Temperley London


Isabel Marant


No 21

Just dreamy. But for those not willing to spend a month’s salary (or more!) on one designer piece (including me), luckily, the high street cottoned on, and has come up with some beautiful embroidered designs of its own.

Top of my list is this Zara skirt…


Sadly, it’s already flown out of the shops and online in my size, but I’m hoping it’ll be restocked. For £39.99, it’s a bargain.

This Topshop dress is a very exciting dead ringer for D&G…


Unfortunately, I’m not the only one to have noticed, and it’s almost totally sold out. I’ve tracked one down to store near my work though, so I’ll be making the trek on Monday to see if I can bag it. Well, for £65, it’s about 5% of the price of the designer version!

This Asos jacket is lovely…


And £65 isn’t bad for all that work.

Finally, Accessorize is the queen of the embroidered clutch bag – perfect for (dare I say it) party season. As is this whole embroidered look, really.


This looks was more expensive than its £39 price tag.

Right, I’m off to join the waiting list for the next gorgeous embroidered piece – before all the other high-street shoppers beat me to it again!

Bethan x


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